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Local / Environment protection
Marine Sanitary System
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Marine Sanity System
Modular design for flexible installation
Easy operation and minium maintenance
Customized to meet specific requirements
Combined with hydrophore,calorifier and filter to provide Total water solutions
MSS-0.5 (500L/H)
MSS-1.0 (1000L/H)
MSS-2.0 (2000L/H)
MSS-2.5 (2500L/H)

WCB Bio-chemical Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewage treatment plant
Application :
The plant is applicabel to treat the sewage from the onboard ship toilets to meet international standard of discharge.

2. WCX Series Sewage Treatment Plant
The unit is applicable to treat the toilets sewage on ships and also to sterilize grey water. The treated sewage can meet international standards for effluent discharge. The operation of the plant is automatic. Warning is set to show the load status of sewage in the tank. The unit has small footprint, but the treatment ability is strong. It can serve many people in low flush water condition.
The plant can be welded or bolted on the ship base.

3.YLG Series Hydrophore CB455-91
The hydrophore can be used to provide fresh water for living and cleaning of ship and drilling platforms.

4. ZYG(S) series sea water, fresh water combination Hydrophore
This series of sea water, fresh water combination hydrophore is suitable for ship sea water and fresh water pipes. This unit combines sea water, fresh water tanks, pumps, valves and pipes together, modularization. It is compact, easy to install and maintain. Ideal fro onboard water supply system.

5. ZRG Series Steam heating calorifier CB456-92
This series of calorifier is suitable for fresh water system which is heated by steam.


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