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Local / Environment protection
Oil Water Separator
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Oily water separator
Certified to New IMO MEPC 107 ( 49)
Easy to use/maintain:
Completely automatic operation
Simple design
Very low maintenance
Self monitoring
Self priming
Continuous performance reporting
Heavy duty industrial marine coating
Factory installed bronze piping & valves
On board flow indication
Ship mounted or offshore platform
Customizable size & controls
Site specific optimization
Various power voltages
Remote monitoring optional
Stable platform not required
High efficient
Maximum coalescence
Laminar flow
Surpass international
Maritime discharge limits
Minimal power requirements
Small compact size

Brand Chongqing Dahuang Kangda

1. 15PPM Bilge Alarm
Unique system of onboard replacement of the measuring cell
Measuring cell simple to replace due to wireless design
Easy to operate with 4 only pushbuttons
Userfriendly menu
Compact design
32 character LCD, with LED background light
Relays and input are protected by PTC resistor fuses. Fuses are reset by disconnection of power supply - no regular fuses to replace
System running status shown on LCD in real time
Suitable for both newbuildings, as well as existing ships
Can be attached to any oily water separator type

Alfa laval LO Purifier heater type CBM30-40
Oil Sensor CLM-36N Man:JOWA AB
Drain Separator  Drawing No. G3-13429
Stage Valve Seat Gasket A4-8210

Hydraulic Wall Switch  Code:SBTS-HYD-WC Type: Royal Flush Aero, Model: S08-1565

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