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Local / Mechanical machinery
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We supply many various of valves: China standard, JIS, DIN, ANSI standards of marine valves with material cast steel / cast iron / bronze, butterfly valve / globe valve / gate valve, hydraulic valve, Pneumatic valve, quick off valve, ball valve, relief valve, fire valve, and so a range of products and spares.
We can also offer Fire damper CFHD600*600 & Relief valve SDA-22C300T for air condition condenser & Q34SR2-18Y horizontal change valve & Indicator lights control QY-8B for butterfly valves control panel 
1、Marine Butterfly valve
Handle Butterfly Valve

Handle Turned Butterfly Valve

Turbine Butterfly Valve

Flange Turbine Butterfly Valve

Hydraulic butterfly valve

Pneumatic butterfly valve

2、Marine Globe valve & stop check valve
Flanged bronze Globe valve

Flanged cast steel Globe valve

Flanged stop check valve angle type

Male bronze Globe valve

Female bronze Globe valve

3、Marine Gate valve
Bronze gate valve

Cast iron Gate valve

DIN standard Gate valve

4、Other Marine valves
Ball valve

Quick off valve

Pneumatic quick off valve

Marine Storm valve

Bronze fire valve

Marine suction sea valve  DN50-500

Castel Solenoid Valve,Model:HF2 240V 50-60HZ 8W CI.F TU 50//TYPE1

electrical actuator Model UM-1

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