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Rubber fender
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Rubber fender can be used widely as the hanged equipment of defending dash for all kinds of shipping, ports and docks.
They can absorb sufficiently the energy when was dashed to maximum to ensure the integrity and steadiness of all kinds of the shipping and dock; they bear with the following character:
a: low reaction force, less surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption.
b: the simple figure is easy to be installed and maintained.
c: little influence by shipping and dock, usage is widely.
d: good adaptability for transversal and longitudinal shape during berthing.

1 GD Type Rubber Fender

1)The performance of reaction force and energy absorption are higher than D type.
2)It can be installed firmly and is in long service life.
3)It is usually suitable for the frame type harbour.

2 π Type Rubber Fender

1) Low reaclion force high capability of enerqy absorption.
2) Easy to be installed.
3) Usually suilbled for large and middle docks.

3 M-Type Rubber Fender

Low reaction force/high capabilty of energy absorption easy to be installed and mainained.

4 Square-1 Type Rubber Fender

The fender is appliables for all docks quary and ships.

5 Non-Series Rubber Fender

W type rubber fender
1) High absorption energy, low reaction
2) To be easy to installation and maintenance.
Olive type rubber fender
1) High absorption energy, low reaction
2) Suitable to the naval ships。
Trapezium 1 type rubber fender
Be Installed to dock and shipping.
Trapezium 2 type rubber fender
Be Installed to dock and shipping .

6 TugBoat Rubber

Applicable to tuqboat in all kinds of ports and pushboats.

7 Semi-Circular Type(D) Rubber Fender

1)With reasonable reaction it may absorb more enerqy than that of cylindirc type.
2)Convenient in mounting.
3)It is usually used for dock of frame work type and ships due to the small size of its bottom width.

8 Arch Type(A) Rubber Fender

1)Moderate reaction force and high capabilty of energy absorption.
2)Convenient installtion and firm structrue.
3)The fender is applicable to call kinds of docks quary and ships.

9 Cylindrical Type(CY) Rubber Fender

Features :
A: Low reaction force,less surface pressure ,reasonable energy absorption.
B: The simple figure is easy to be installed and maintained.
C: Little influence by shipping and dock,use is widely.
D: Good adaptability for fransversal and longitudual shape during berthing.
E: It can be used widely as thd hanged.Equiment of defending dask for all kind of the shipping of dock.

10 Super Arch Type(SA) Rubber Fender

1)High enerqy absorption and low reaclion force.
2)Reasonable structure and prolonged useful life.
3)It can be installed fimly and replaced easily.

11 Cone Type Fender

1)Suitable to the quays need low reaction force and high energy absorption.
2)Espectially suitable to the quays require low hull pressure.
3)Suitable to oil terminal ,container terminal and offshore berths.

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