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Telescopic Crane                                 

The Telescopic cranes have a compact construction and the jib can be telescoped, thus to minimize overall size of the crane and reduce the  occupational space on board. The crane can be equipped with one or more telescopic jibs.
2. Knuckle Jib Crane

The knuckle jib crane has a compact construction which can minimize the occupational space on board. The jib can be controlled flexibly; the lifting hook can touch the sea without releasing the wire rope. It’s applicable for the accurate handling for delicate instruments. The cranes have been widely used onboard of fishing boat, research ship, engineering vessel, navy vessel and other vessels for special purposes.
3.Deck Cargo Crane

The deck cargo crane is designed according to the cargo lifting conditions, with cylinder for luffing .This design makes the crane reliable, durable and easy maintenance, etc. The general lifting capacity of the crane ranges from 1.0t to 60t. It can be designed to life max.150t.  Its maximum hoisting speed is between 10m/min and 30m/min when full load.
4.Hose Handling Crane

The hose handling crane can be used on all kinds of oil tanker, chemical carriers, etc.This crane can meet the requirements of anti-explosion in *danger zone and *OCIMF regulations.
5.Electric Cantilever Crane

The electric Cantilever Crane is characterized by the compact structure, light weight, long cantilever, simple and easy installation, operation as well as maintenance. It is an idea crane for application in various ships to life equipments and other miscellaneous goods. Especially for the area of limited hoisting height, the maximum hoisting height is available by using this kind of crane. 
6.  PORT CRANE (3-120T)

The series of this crane is a 360°full slewing and full luffing fixed crane with lifting capacity 3-120 tons at working radius between 3-30 metres. It is widely applied in the port, harbour and cargo warehouse, etc.
7.Brand of Crane & Spare parts.
   Jiangs Haitai,Jiangyin Chengjiang,Jiangsu Huaiyin Machinery,Tsuji  crane,IHI,BD Crane,South China Shipbuilding Machinery,Hengyuan 4T-13M VALVE PSL3-D/200
8.Certificates such as ABS (America), BV (France), CCS (China), DNV (Norway), GL (Germany) and LR (UK) are available subject to request.

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